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service manual

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i snagged a 700xx service manual... ill make a .pdf copy and post it here sometime soon.

i figure it might be a good idea to have an area for members to access power commander maps ... manuals ... instructions ... ect
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Nice, yesterday I saved all the pics from the parts fiche in a folder, I'll post it later also
Yeah I just bought mine off of eBay for $25!

Yeah I just bought mine off of eBay for $25!
Me too...
Yeah I just bought mine off of eBay for $25!
Me too...
I'll wait for the PDF Version :D
well ..i got my manual ... and am taking it to Fedex Kinkos so they can .pdf it for me. I'd much rather they do it ...because scanning double sided pages is such a pain in the arse!
Are you unbinding the pages or just laying the book open?
they are undoing the book and will be in one pdf file to download for yall and print however you see fit ... or not print and put on your iphone or crackberry or whatever.
Have you posted the manual yet?
no ...its a rather big file ..and have been debating on how to post it...i would put it on a torrent tracker ..but i dont think yall use them ... how about rapidshare?
ok ill post it on this thread when i get it uploaded.
have you had a chance to upload the manual yet?
I'm going to install my Vapor this weekend and sure could use it.:D

+1 for the manual..

and i thought i was the only guy in vegas with a 700xx...nice now there is two!
Any luck with the PDF?
I'm up for downloading the manual..I bought a new 3/8 drive torque wrench today with a 1/4 adapter..I need to get the right amount of torque on all the bolts that I have changed adding aftermarket stuff the past few days!
1 - 20 of 85 Posts
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