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Just put the Teixeira Upper Arms & foxs shocks on the quad, huge difference turns on a dime better than my 400ex with plus 2 arms .The fox shock are not quit dialed in yet but are 100% better than stock the give a much smoother ride and seemed to have greatly increace the wheel travel soaks up the bumps & holes like they arent there. A much cheaper alternative than the leagers or housers & they flat out work.But thats just my opinion.

This is my exact situation. I'm not dialed in yet, but the test ride yesterday yielded WAY better handling than stock with teh Teixeira Tech Upper A-arms and the fox suspension. It was cold, and was a constant downpour for 3 hours, but me and my buddies cruised around in the muck anyway, and I was grinning the whole time. It made the machine a slam-dunk.
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