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I'm no racer but I'm fairly experienced and here's what I do:

Woops: I usually hit these at WOT and get as far back on the quad as possible so the front end can float over the tops of the woops by just barely contacting them.

Hill Climbs: I've gotten VERY comfortable and can climb hills with the best. For this I never EVER sit down and try to be very aware of my ride position in relation to where I'm at on the hill and how hard the quad is working. Momentum is the key for hill climbing, plan your route and be ready to bail if you need to. Parts are cheap compared to Doctors bills. ( as you are painfully aware)

The only time I sit is when I'm cruising or I need to lower my center of gravity like in a turn. I also use the standing position as it allows me to use my legs to absorb some of the shock of a depression in the trail or something like that. Also, I use my throttle to help with this and I blip my throttle when I encounter something like this so the rear shocks take the compression and I can put the shock rebound at bay by keeping a load on them.

I hope this helps.

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