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i can think of a peticular road i ride it has a vary deep dip about 7" or so deep that goes all the way acrost the road and is about 2 feet wide...

when i hit this i stand up and the quad dives down in it so hard when it comes back up the wheels leave the ground about an inch or so.... should i sit or stand ? i stand and it feels right but ????

another section i can think of is when i go up this " no winter maintaince" hill their is a huge wash out with a series of " rippling bumps that stretch acrost the road and their is a huge rock it sticks out of the ground 6 inches and is about 15" wide..... i sit when i hit this cause their is a sharp curve after it and i roost threw the curve

when are the proper times to sit and stand ? i see gncc racers almost always sitting down
As mentioned when you stand your legs become your best shocks but you raise your centre of gravity. Think of it as 10" of travel from your bike and another 10" of travel betwen the seat and your backside.

Sitting lowers your centre of gravity (take a look at the MX guys) and makes going around a corner easier and faster as you are more stable.

This is why the GNCC guys sit.......

Desert racers sit whenever they can but standing allows them to hit some pretty big stuff at speed. But you can't stand for a whole race......

Often you see desert racers with taller seats as it means the rider doesn't use as much energy standing up and then sitting down all the time.

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