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So, Where'd you buy your muffler at?

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I'm looking to get one soon and would like to know who to avoid and who to go to.

Also, what brand did you go with and why.

I'm partial to FMF for a titanium header for reduced weight and durability, but I'm not sold yet.

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I bought mine direct from HMF. Call them up and talk to Mike. Tell him that you are a moderator here and he'll set you up!
if you hold out a little longer you can get a better pipe like a curtis sparks or trinity racing they should both be out the end of feb ive just never been impressed with hmf and every pipe gives a differant power curve so hang on a little longer gary ps go with the full sys with a ss head pipe the ti ones tend to blow out due to how thin the piping is
Interesting, I didn't know that abou tthe Titanium pipes doing that.

Is this caused by thermal shock? Like from going through water when the pipe is hot? I'd stay away from HMF also. The price is good, but the quality lacks.
I'd have to disagree, HMF makes a real quality product for sure, the quality is a lot higher than some others I've seen. I've used them for years and so have some of my buddies...never a problem.
imoa hmf is a amature pipe there are deffinetly better ones out there for the money
I had an HMF pipe for my 400EX before, it was a slip on and it worked well. Ihaven't had any experience with anyone's headpipe though other than Honda's.

I'm still using a slip-on, and I bought both the Yosh and 2Bros directly from the over the phone. One of these days, I may go to a full system, but I'm happy with what I have for now
which do you like better?
2Bros has a much better sound, but I really cant see any difference in power between the 2 of them.
Got mine from these Guys, Excellent Customer Service!!! As I had stated in another post they sent me another muffler overnight when the one I received had a leak.
im using the FMF powerbomb titanium with the 4.1 muffler ... real loud haha ..but sounds good.... definitely need powercommander with it though.
imoa hmf is a amature pipe there are deffinetly better ones out there for the money

There's only so much technology that can go into an exhaust, believe it or not. There is no huge difference between different manufacturers, they're all designed pretty much the same.

I've tried an HMF on a Raptor along with a Trinity, LRD and Sparks (on the same bike) and although we didnt dyno them, the results were all pretty much the same. If there was a difference, it was so minimal that you couldn't tell.
there is more than you think length diamiter angles how mant bends how many steps all of these things affect sonic waves witch determins how much power and where you get the power
Boy, you are really splitting hairs there freak. Most of us weekend warriors won't care about a .5 difference in horsepower. I certainly wouldn't say that there is ANYTHING amatuerish about an HMF pipe. They appear very well made to me. Apparently a lot of people like them too. Bill Ballance and Mike Penland both run HMF. Readers of QUAD magazine voted HMF as their favorite pipe as well.
Matlock is running one (HMF) on the baja machine too.
Bill Ballance and Mike Penland both run HMF.

Do you think this is because they think HMF is the best or is it that HMF paid the most for them to use on their bikes?? Celebrity backing, especially in racing, really doesn't mean much at all. If Campbell's Soup gave each of them $1,000,000 to use one of their soup cans as a muffler I bet they BOTH would do it.
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