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SOLD - 2008 TRX 700xx for sale $1850 or trade for 4x4 Rancher (New Orleans, Louisiana) - SOLD


For Sale 2008 TRX 700xx. Comes with notarized bill of sale and I will go with you to the notary if need be.
The Goods:
Everything works, runs great and strong.
This ATV is a cross between a dune racing bike and a trail quad.
IRS-Independant Rear Suspension.
It sits high off the ground.
700 size quick revving motor with dual overhead cam.
Water cooled engine with radiator and fan.
12 tooth sprocket for trail technical riding so the clutch is only used for taking off. 14 tooth is stock and I have the sprocket for it if you want it.
GPS: 75mph with the 12tooth and faster with the 14.
Clutch grabs great.
All gears work perfectly and includes Reverse.
Fuel injected.
Fully Stock.
The bads:
This bike has been ridden. It's cosmetically in fair to good shape.
It has a crack that goes along the seat but just looks like a wear and tear crack.
It smokes when it's cold, not really at idle, but if you gas it it will let out SOME smoke. It seems to smoke less when it heats up. 100% drivable and doesn't foul plugs though.
Needs front tires but back tires are "mud" tires and are close to new looking.
SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. I will trade for a Honda 4x4 four wheeler and if your 4 wheeler is in better shape than my 700xx, I will give you money as well. Only will trade for a legal, NOT STOLEN, bike. Must be done at the notary.


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