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Hey there everyone so this past weekend I had the chance to race a few bikes. First I smoked a 2012 grizzly 700 then I raced my brother in laws race ready 2004 crf250 and that was a good one in the 1/8 mile I smoked him 1/4 mile he caught me 1/2 mile I was pulling away while he was revved out that was the outcome pretty well every time unless one of us missed a gear or blew the launch. He was pretty shocked as was I. Then my other bro in law has a raptor 700r an 08 and I smoked him every time except if I blew the launch or missed a gear he couldn't touch me. And he has exhaust and a chip I was thinking it must be a potatoe chip cuz I rode it and was unimpressed to say the least. Last time I drove a solid axel was on a tractor enough said. Honda for life
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