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Some jump pictures

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We built this jump we were getting 10 or 15 feet of air and about 40 feet of distance or so on most of them got some nice pics
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Nice Air! looks like u took a stick for a ride with u on that second pic.
Awesome pictures.
haha yeah man my cousin waved me over and pulled the stick out after lol
that a pretty sweet jump, hows the landing
Actually the landing was pretty smooth except once it seemed kinda rough. I tightened the front shocks as much as they would go and the hill we were jumping into was about 100 feet long so we had all the room we needed. We are gonna make it bigger next time we go haha
Video would be good...would like to see the distance...
Video would be good...would like to see the distance...
Haha you must be one of "those" guys...I got some video of when we first made the jump but none since we made it bigger when i got those pics.
Badass air bro
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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