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Just got my DG Factory Nerfs with Rear Nets. Instructions = FAIL. Fitment = FAIL. Does anyone have these on their XX??
Serious fitement issues with this one. I'm almost 100% sure I have the bracket on correctly, but can't be totally sure since the instructions suck so bad. I don't see where else the bracket would go, but none of the bolt holes really line up right with plastics/frame. Problem now is it tells me to put the original bolts into the footpeg frame, but I can't. The original bolt is like 40mm long, and the space between the bolt holes and first webbing mount on the nerf is more like 20mm so it's like physically impossible to angle the bolt into the hole. Sorry, I don't have pics. I plan on calling DG when I get a chance (work conflicts with being able to call at the right time while they're open since I'm like 8 hours ahead) to see if they have any solutions. In the meantime, if anyone has these nerfs or has any other ideas, I'd like to hear 'em. Thanks.

EDIT 05 July:
So I finally got my nerfs on. Had to call DG who explained there was a bolt keeping the foot peg mount locked in. Once I removed that, I was able to tap out the piece and install with the original bolts. Just seems to me this would be relevant information that they would put in the instructions.

They were certainly a pain in the ass to put on, but they look good!
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