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speed calculator for 700xx

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i've seen several "quad" or "speed" calculators out there for other machines but i'm wondering if there is anything available for the 700xx??

basically i'm looking for a chart or calculator that factors in rpm, tire size or rollout, gearing, and then give mph based on those variables.

anything like that out there?
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You can use this one if you know the gear ratios:
87.9 mph
that's the kind of calculator i had in mind, what would the primary gear be on the 700xx?
Try this.

It was based on my top speed at the time. Even with the 13T, couldn't hit the rev limiter with my FA on it. The speeds above 13/39 22" rears will be less unless you can pull the gearing. The speeds below will be a little more.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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