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Going to post some details about my new project build of an 08 700xx. I bought it stock.
I will try to post some pictures and also links to other threads I am planning on starting of how to information. My first how to thread I plan on posting up is on modifying the Douglas 10" wheels to fit.

Current Mods
Douglas 10" Blue Label wheels on rear with sand hauler paddles

Upcoming Planned Mods
Renthal 13t front chain wheel sprocket
L8ton Racing 11/16 sway bar
Exhaust header and pipe
Air Filter
EFI Programmer

Tentative Mods
LTR450 front shocks

The day I bought it.
First Ride.
How she sits today with 10 inch wheels.

How to links

98 Posts
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Sounds good! How do you like the 700xx in the dunes?
Had a blast! Only rode it once so far out there. Also, it was all stock, including the tires. I mean it ran good, it even climbed the biggest dune and had enough to get some air over the top too. I just think these stock tires need to go though. The thread pattern looks like it wont actually hook as much as it would push it out to the side (kind of like a rain tire would do with water). It turned well, cut well, did donuts well. All in all I was happy. I am coming from a big bored ltr 450 so to say I am happy compared to that LTR shows a lot I think. (I actually learned to jump on my bros raptor700, so I knew what I was getting into as far as ride height etc on these big bores.) I will ride this weekend with the paddles on it down in Winchester bay and see how they go. Only concern is with the setup I have with paddles the rear is wider than the front. I am still deciding how I ultimately want to run 10in tires on it. I am thinking of doing some sort of hub mod. Just want to keep the width down, not that I care too much, I might spacer out the front some too.

I am thinking of getting the razr2 for the rear. There is a vid of these guys in the dunes running the,, the klaws and holeshots and they look to have fun. I think these tire of race tires will allow more sliding but still traction to climb so it would be funner than paddles. I also need to setup sag and suspension for me, have not done that yet. Need to grease the rear axle before I take it out this weekend too, hopefully its still in running condition. (have not got down to the garage to check it yet for play as another member here suggested)

heres the youtube link with the guys racing around with race tires. Looks so fun. No 700xx in it though, but still a great video showing whats possible.
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