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i took my first beating sunday :disgust: My buddy has a 14:1, +6" swing arm, 4" wider in front, 5" wider in rear, aftermarket everything, built to the hilt, sand drag racing suzuki LTZ 400 (well its not a 400 anymore anyway). He used to MX then shattered his ankle, so now he's all drag racer at the dunes.


1st run, rolling start in 1st, we were side by side till i hit 5th, then he could not be seen lol :yay:

2nd run, from stop, i 4got to get up on the bars, pulled the front up, game over for me.

3rd run, from stop, he got the hole shot and pulled on me for about a bike and a half till i hit 5th, i was comin back on him but he thought it was over and let up.

moral of the story....

this bike has FREAKIN LONG LEGS!! his LTZ is geared to get to top speed ASAP (stock gears for me), so its hard to get the hole shot, but... on a long enough drag race, i'll pull him back in and get the checkers. i think if i was a more experienced launcher then i could get him... but he's got tons of drag exp. on me and the +6 swing keeps his front down.

bottom line....

i love the xx. and if i ever were to get serious about drag racing (sand) with the xx... it would smoke the shit outta my buddies 14:1 LTZ. SOOO, i dont really feel too bad about losing cause i know if i put the same money in the xx as he put in his LTZ... game over for him :birds:
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