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Hi Guys,
First time post on the forum, must say I have read and learnt lots from you all to date.
I have recently purchased my 700xx and have been going crazy buying all the good bits to make her go a little better.
My question relates to the suspension.
I have purchased the 9/16 sway bar, the Houser +.75 A-Arms and Elka stage 4 shocks for the front.
I have obvioulsy outlayed a fair bit of cash and wondering what to do with the rear. Can I run the standard rear A-Arms with just the Elka shock upgrade, even though I have the wider front end? Or do I need to now buy the rear +.75 A-Arms as well?
Or wheel spacers or rims etc etc. Is the wider front end a problem?

I curently run standard rims and tyres. (That's next...)

Your advice on this would be appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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