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Doug don't even bother trying to stand your caster adjustment up to the first notch. It was kinda scary riding Dumont Dunes with it that way. Both Scott3B and me both tried it and it wasn't what would be very good at all. 3rd notch seems to be the ticket for most riding. If you really had some open spaces maybe the 4th notch.
I will be buying a sway bar in the future but I just bought Fox shox for mine and Flexx bars with ASV levers and TrailTech clamp. I'm done for a while. Time to pay for a new truck now so the other toys gotta take a back seat.
Nice writing Doug and 1st notch is kinda scarey as described above. The xx will make the corner but you will not be on it !It will throw you off in the slow stuff and gets way twitchy(tank slapper twitchy) in 4th and 5th. Somebody had to try it first ,just in case somebody asked.
Also agree that 3rd notch is a neutral setting. I have tried 1 to 5 notches which is quite fun but scary. :D
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