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I saw it asked if which made the most improvement in handling. My answer both but differently. The adjustment on the a-arms allow me to enter the turns more aggressively as now when I point the front tires the quad goes where I want instead of pushing into the turn. The sway comes into play while in the turn. I can now power through the turn instead of the bike wanting to roll. So this combo makes a complete package. The quad is so much faster in turns that I now am using a hell of a lot more body English to get all I can out of this setup.

The quad is like a new machine with performance and handling substantially increased in turns. Of course I still need to deal with physics but again the edge has been pushed way back. Believe me I'm not even close to perfect setup and have had little time to adjust the a-arms but using Baxter's advised toe in of 1/4", negative camber of1 degree while off the ground and the middle setting on the Teixeira arms for riding the desert behind my house (see picture section "My Backyard") I am nailing turns 20-30% faster than stock.

My Stage 4 Elkas and Podium Xs should be here this week. I'll get them on and hopefully on Friday have an entire day to play. Stay tuned.
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