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The 2 Big Bores

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It is getting nicer here in Wisconsin so I cleaned up both machine and figure I would share. The 08 700xx and the 86 350x (big bore of its day)

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Lookin good....and "nicer" here in WI is still a relative term....still cold....still white shit on the ground...another month or's that 350 run?
The 350 runs real nice. Recently it started to puff a little smoke when it sits for a day, but only when you first start it. Probably needs valve seals or something. Otherwise I plan on getting new plastic for it, Original Honda stuff if I can find any. The picture doesn't show it but the fenders have some cracks and are wired together. It's funny, I thought that 350x had a ton of power until I rode my 700xx the first day I had it. The 350 still has good power but seems more tame in comparision.

Ohh also its not for sale :). Thanks for asking though. I sold my restored 86 200x to help get my 700xx. I have to keep one trike around.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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