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well, the long long long wait is over, after sitting in my house and waiting and hearing all of your stories and hearing all the quads buzzing up and down my road, iam glad to report that my quad is back in action.

1300 dollars in damage and i recoped every thing i lost other then an after market exhaust, grab bar and ac black line front bumper.

i got the front and rear maire bumpers for 150 off ebay... i must say though that i dont like the "jerry" rigging you have to do to get them to mount, all kinds of various adapters and what not.

i did gain some nerf bars proarmor fat pegs and a pain they where to install.

their is my seat cover as well.... how do you like that ? not bad

well enjoy the pix, all i have to do now is wait for my self to get the green light and i will be riding again... in two weeks an hmf will be orderd and a black line front bumper and hopfully i can take a brake and enjoy my mods

here are 2 befor pics

and here are some after words pix

atv jack mod.... exteded lifting "base" no need to "lift" the atv over the nerf bars :p

yes i do sport bike seat covers too !!!!!! on my 04 600rr

well hope you enjoyed, thanks a million for the support... iam 3/4 of the way out of this sh*tty summer slump

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looks great! Love the persoalized seat!!! You did that yourself??? Think I need to do mine...

whats your opinion on shock covers?


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Glad to hear u got her back together, she's lookin good! Ride on!!!!!
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