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Went to Wellsville yesterday ( ). WOW! That place is awesome. If you ever get the chance to go, do it, but bring a GPS because nothing is marked. And becareful cause it will bite you hard. One of my buddys I was with rolled his Kingquad 750 down a hill end over end about 10 times. It only had 200 miles on it.

The XX is perfect for that place. Great power for climbing hills, and holy crap are there some hills there. Big rocks, boulders, and deep ruts were everywhere. I saw 450's stuck in places that didnt even slow the XX down. I was riding with 2 Kingquad 750's and a Polaris RZR. There was nothing they went through that I didnt follow them, and they all switched to 4x4 several times through the day. The XX didn't get stuck once. I blasted up the big hills way faster then they did, and they have much more riding experience then I do. I really love this thing.

I'd tell anyone considering getting an XX to just look at where you ride. If you ride smooth fast trails or sand dunes, get a Raptor. But if where you ride is ruts, boulders and rough, the XX is the only way to go.

Paul B
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