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Tips for First Time Jumping

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How many of you are jumping your 700xx? Here is a little article I wrote about jumping the larger machines. Keep in mind it was written about jumping a KFX700 however many of the same rules of jumping apply. Hopefully everyone will pull a little safety information out of this before they try jumping on their a few trips to the ER.

First thing you want to do is find a nice big table top jump to use and wear the safety gear...Table top for those not familier with types of ramps and jumps is a ramp up and ramp down with dirt filled inbetween that is for the most part level with the top of the ramps. These are good jumps to learn on since you can come up short and not get planted into up-ramp of the next jump.
Approach...Get your speed set before you start up the ramp and stand up. Standing up helps when you hit the take off ramp at the base...the machine will be less likely to compress the springs and release on the ramp before reaching the top...You'll see in the first picture I'm standing up and looking for a nice square, smooth lip on the ramp.

On ramp...increase your throttle. As you go up the ramp your machine will slow down so give it some gas, even increase the speed. DON'T LET OFF THE THROTTLE AT THIS POINT!!! At this point you are committed to going in the air. If you back off the throttle, it will cause the front end to dive the second it leaves the ramp...very bad thing that hurts a lot.
Just prior to take off...Be looking ahead for where you are going to land...again be standing up and stay on the throttle. It's better to stay on the throttle then to back off...

In the air...Here is where pending how far you want to go you either stand or sit...If I'm going for some distance, I tend to sit and create less wind resistance. If I'm hopping short or getting altitude in the jump, I tend to stand up more...Think of your body as a wind break...At this point pending how you want to land you need to adjust your throttle. There is mixed thoughts on landing front first, rear first or all four at the same time...I personally like to set it down on a flat front first but at a shallow angle...much smoother landing. To do this you back off the throttle a little once you are in the air. To land rear first, give it gas in the air...Landing rear first will cause the front to "slap" down and I think is a little more of a violent landing. Somewhere in between with the throttle will put you down on all 4 wheels at the same time...just takes practice.

Landing...again be off the seat and use your legs as shocks too. This is especially important if you are getting big air or running with a lot of speed...Brace your self in the arms, have your knees bent and as the machine touches down, bend the knees and end up sitting on the fluid motion.
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I like to start the jump slower and get progressivly faster and farther. You can always tell they guys who don't do that by the amount of bent and flopping things on their quads. :)

I wish I read this before I went out. I didn't crash and burn but i QUICKLY found out DONT LET OFF THE GAS BEFORE THE TOP OF THE JUMP! this thing is way nose heavy!
Yes, you should have tacks leading the whole jump where your rear tires arent skidding or spinning out. It makes for creampuff landings.

I'm glad you all were able to get a little information from this... If anyone is in the midwest and wants a few lessons, be more then happy to meet up and work with you. I learned by pacing behind another guy...saved me a few crash and burns.
I would rather overjump than come up short, when in doubt gas it!
Nice advice. I tend to shy away from jumping. Yea I'm an old fart and my knees are not as good as they once were. But I can run with the best of them.
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