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Having problems with tire and rim selection for the rear. I have a set of 10" ITPs and they are 4" wider than stock front . If I go back to the standard 11" rims but the only 2 tires availible are the BearKlaw and a Kings KT 103. These both are 23x8x11.So what I was thinking run 10x5 front rims with a 3"-2" offset and run something like 22x9x10 or 20x9x10 tires on the rear. The 11" tire option gives a me 23" rear tire which is to tall for my liking and 10" ITPs to wide ! Running 10x5 front rims makes the rear alot closer to the front end. I don't like having the rear 4" wider when dodging trees. :confused:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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