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This Sunday is the harescramble race at Pine Lake in Ashtabula, Ohio. A friend of mine is racing in it, and trying to get me to race too. I've never raced before, but he's confident that I would do good. I just don't know what class I would race in with my 700XX. Its a CRA race, so I guess there is 4 Stroke, Open, and Woodsman. He told me to stay away from woodsman, so I'm not sure which class to enter. I will also need a tether switch in order to race. I will probably need a good set of boots, chest protector, and some pants more comfortable than my usual riding jeans. The track is 1 hour plus 1 lap, on i think a 6 mile track. I've been to the track to watch many times, and my dad raced his LT-250R in it when I was a baby, and my brother raced his RM-125 in it about 9 years ago, so I guess it's my turn. My conditioning isn't the greatest, but I'm in all around good shape, and I expect to be pretty tired, probably after the first lap, lol. From all of the guys that race their 700XX's in harescrambles and cross crountry, what else can I expect from these races?

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On the website it says
4stroke-anyone on a 4stroke
Open-anything over 200cc
Woodsmen-avid trailriders wanting to get there feet wet

How good are you?
Woodsmen sound like the beginner side of it.

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There is a dividion link on upper right side, click it and quad
There classes aren't really fair. You will get alot of "Trophy Hunters" as they do in the UK.

I would ask youre friend for a recommendation on which class to enter in.
From the pics It looks like a 1 hour + 1 lap MX.
I do know that it is gunna be painful afterwards.

If this is a "one off " event then find the cheapest gear you can find . If you want to do more of this kinda racing , there is alot of good quality stuff on speccial offer.
If you want good stuff at a good price then may I suggest items from Shift, Answer, Bell helmets( which are ridicalously cheap for the quality) and MSR. All are good value for money.
If you had given me alittle more time , I would have dressed you to impress at a affordiable cost.
Just have fun and enjoy it.

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Yes it sounds like it is your turn! Go kick some ass, and upload the results and some pictures if you can. If you had more time I would of sugested
for your gear.
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