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TRX 700xx OEM Schematics

Rah after I made this thread I saw the sticky up there :p

Please delete me.


I felt like I needed to contribute something to the forum so, in the spirit of Christmas, lawl, diagrams for every OEM part of the TRX 700xx!

These arent from our site so im not advertising lol. However if you order through me I can save you some $$ on shipping.

All of these schematics can be found here:

now lets break it down...

Air Cleaner -

Alternator -

Battery -

Cam Chain, Tensioner -

Camshaft, Valve -

Clutch -

Crankcase -

Crankshaft, Piston -

Cylinder -

Cylinder Head -

Drive Chain -

Exhaust Muffler -

Frame -

Front Arm -

Front Brake Caliper -

Front Brake Master Cylinder -

Front Cushion -

Front Fender -

Front Knuckle -

Front Wheel -

Fuel Pump -

Fuel Tank -

Gear Shift Drum, Gear Shift Fork -

Handle Lever, Switch, Cable -

Handlebar -

Headlight -

Labels -

Left Crankcase Cover -

Mark -

Oil Pump -

Oil Tank -

Pedal -

Radiator -

Rear Arm -

Rear Brake Caliper -

Rear Brake Master Cylinder -

Rear Driveshaft -

Rear Fender -

Rear Knuckle -

Rear Shock Absorber -

Rear Wheel -

Reduction Gear -

Reverse Lever, Reverse Cable -

Right Crankcase Cover -

Seat -

Side Cover -

Stabilizer -

Starter Motor -

Starting Clutch -

Steering Shaft -

Step -

Taillight -

Tappet Cover -

Throttle Body -

Tie Rod -

Tools -

Transmission -

Water Pump -

Wire Harness -

Hope all this information helps you tear your 700 apart or find any OEM part you guys may need.

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Please delete me.
I'd say to leave the post. There is nothing wrong with posting something good twice. Helpful info is always good.


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It's good info, but it's on EVERY Honda dealer site under parts fiche....

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It's good info, but it's on EVERY Honda dealer site under parts fiche....
Not everybody lives in the US and I find things like this very handy .
UK dealers are years behind on stuff like this .
Thanks Durhamtown for posting this.:tup:
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