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I have been thinking about the amount of guys who want (need) better shocks on their TRX700XX.There are many better shocks to put on but most need some grinding,cutting or bending of parts,most people don't want to do this and then have to spend BIG bucks for after market shocks.Thats great if you are near the front of the pack but for trail riding etc its a bit too much.
One shock that does bolt on (NO grinding etc) is the TRX450 front shock.
They are in plentiful ,cheap supply but are too short for theTRX700xx and lowers them too much for trail riding.
So, if I made a bolt on spacer/kit to mount them correctly, how many people would be interested in the kit?
I know there is shipping involved, but I thinkI can work this out.
Please give me an idea of numbers and I will pursue this to help out our forum members to have the best quad they can.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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