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trx700xx part out

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i have an 08 700 im parting out i have everything but wheels and tires front brake master cylinder and motor let me know what you want and make me an offer resonable offers wont be refused
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You mentioned on the other site the frame wasn't for sale, Is it up for grabs?
You mentioned on the other site the frame wasn't for sale, Is it up for grabs?
yes but it only comes with a bill of sale
Bump for a really nice guy.

Met him face to face.

Whats up with the plastics? I really just need the red/gray (color doesn't matter) upper around the front. Scratches ok too.
He may have been waiting for my request where I asked him for everything and me to come up with the funds.

HP, if you were it'll be a month before anything like that can happen. If you need to sell something, please do so.

scuzz i made the offer to you first so until you accept or decline the offer it is on the table
I understood that part, I just didn't want you waitin gon me while I figure out what I want to do.

Sell what you gotta.

I'm looking for a headlight as well!
how much for the frame ... why you parting it out? ill make a freakin turbo flat tracker out of one of these for real ... how much for the frame? nah really it would be extremely useful in casting carbon fiber parts ... and us 700xx members could share in the stuff.

carbon fiber .. although expensive to buy already made ... is very very inexpensive to work with from ground zero.... if this sounds like something worth while to you guys ... id buy the frame and see what could be done ... i figure if you could even replace half the frame with carbon fiber (which ithink is conservative) you could easily trim 30-40 lbs from the machine.
as stated before i do not have the title for the frame it would come witha bill of sale i will sell the bike for 1800 - the engine and wheels the bike had a c.e.f. and honda refused to warrrenty it so im selling the parts to pay it off and buy somthing else
Still waiting for prices/availability on the headlight and the red/gray color plastic front fender piece.
how about 225+shipping
i will only sell the plastic as a set
what is cef?
catastrophic Engine failure
damn ...and honda wouldnt cover it? what happened.
Oil filter in backward? Looks for sure like there was no oil to the top.
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