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Well! Last weekend drove up to Barnes Corners NY for their club ride and talk about "riders" we had 3 groups going different routes and our group alone had over 30 riders which was nice until we got into some wooden-muddy trails and some of our riders were beginners so it took a long time going thru that short trail ride and since I was the tail rider, by the time I travel thru the muddy path, it was way deep but only got stock once since it was very slick and the rider ahead of me which had a 4x4 got stock which cause me to get pull out which by the way, the PRM front bumper did its job.
Overall the ride was fun and wet since it started to thunder and poar real hard, felt like needles hitting your face. They have multiple trails which some of them are on pave road (for a short distance) their mapping is pretty good except once you get into the villages/city need to be carefull where u ride, might get a ticket. I did over 40 miles on Friday but had to return since my right rear had a nail and needed to find a dealer before they close so talk about riding with most of my weight on the left side so I could make the tire last longer. They have some good trail riding and are getting more each week. Camp at Tuggers Bar and Grill in Barnes Corners and was perfect! Took off straight from their campground. Will have some video later on this week.
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