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I was in Page, AZ last week and saw two used Black/Gray 700's for sale at Page Honda.

One of the 700s is my friends that he traded in for a Razr. I know he put a bore kit and a full FMF exhaust in it. He rarely rode it because he busted his hip on it the very first year he bought it. A side from the typical scuffs, it's basically new and they are asking $5000 for it. I've rode it and it's fawking fast. If this was my 700, I'd ask $5000 for it. It's that good.

The other 700 is all stock and has around 40 hours on it and looks brand new. They are asking $4500 for it.

I'm sure the prices can be negotiated.

I just thought I'd shoot this out to you all.

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