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UK Dirt Bike Show

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Went to the Dirt Bike show on Thursdsay. It was a good show . Only 2 Honda quads there, Winrows 450R and a 700xx and that was it ! Talked to a few companies about the 700xx. The basic problem was that most of the aftermarket parts companies are putting R&D into the Raptor 250. Good bet as it a kids racing quad here in the UK and Daddy will pay for everything. The bad news was most of the companies replied "A 700 WHAT". So kids It is upto us .
On a good note ,I picked up a 2009 DWT catologue and they build a 10x8 rear rim in 144 bolt pattern. I will scan this and post it .
The Yamaha gearshift pedal looks very similar to the 700xx. It has a smaller diameter gear change shaft than the 450r. I am going to buy one and let you know.
The Suzuki rear brake pedal looks like it would be easy to adapt, Very close . May need a special bolt making to fit. I will try this.
Also picked up some vented Fox jerseys at 2/3 off list price because they were not 2010 gear.
Most Jap manufactures where not ther this year, Mainly big dealers. Let me rephrase that, The big 4 were not present and attendance was way down . I know the credit crunch has hit you guys in the US worse, Be patient and we will all make it through this and still have a kick ass xx.
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