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update on my engine

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after 4 months of fighting with honda the bike is back at the dealer getting the new crate engine . its about time :yay:
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:D:DWOOOOHOOOO, that is good news...:D
Hey, just a thought, but if you want I still have alll the stuff I bought from you...I never even used any of it.

Would you want it back?

I don't mind...and if it makes it where you can ride with me next time I'm there...all the better.

If not that's OK too.

HELL YEAH, about time Honda backed up their reputation.....
HELL YEAH, about time Honda backed up their reputation.....
I agree, what happened to him has bothered me for a long time. I'm really glad this all worked out.

no im good i dont use the a/b lid and i allready bought a filter and im waiting on my wheels and tires .. i have another bike the 7hundo isnt the only one

I should be down there around spring break...still working that out though.

i will be waiting in the shadows
what happend to your bike for you to have problems with honda?
It (the engine) blowed-up. Took a crap. Bit the dust. Threw a rod.

it looked like a nuke went off in the case total catastophic distruction
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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