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Used 700XX in New Hampshire $6800 (craigslist)

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Yep. Spotted on on Craigslist already...

Paid 7899.00 New as you can see Serious inquireys only please

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ive seen one or two on ebay already. probly to fast for them. lmao
There you go PSW... Maybe mommy and daddy will buy you one off of Ebay.
already got one thanks. bought it with my tax refund. still working at walmart? LOL
OK guys, let's *please* keep it on topic. I respect the both of you and appreciate your individual input to this site and also I understand that you have your differences, but it really does the rest of the members here a disservice to have to read your disputes.

Thanks in advance for your help in keeping these sorts of things out of here and keeping it positive.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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