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Ok, so i searched the forums a bit, and looked at the manual, there is 2 numbers, which one do i go by ?

in: 0.15+0.02 mm (0.006+0.001 in)
ex: 0.20+0.02 mm (0.008+0.001 in)

The part i don't get is what number to go by and would a feeler gauge from Advanced auto work ?

Can someone explain the numbers ? like what the (+) is in there for ?

I would like to adjust them, but never messed with valves before, i think i can do it, but i just want to make sure i do it right the first time.

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Use the standard American feeler gauge measurements with the thousandths markings printed on them.
Intake 0.15mm is equal to 0.006 + 0.001 inches
Exhaust 0.20 mm is equal to 0.008 +0.001 inches.
It is just a conversion from Metric to SAE (Standard American Equivalent).
The + (plus) means you can have an additional 0.001of an inches without having the valves too loose. They don't give you a - (minus) because they don't want the valve too tight.
If they said "+ or -" you would be able to have that same 0.001 of an inch either thigter or looser.

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