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Hi guys,
It's been a while no messages, I hope all is well, everyone,
today I did a valves rebalancing,
intake was at least 020
and I have updated 015 as the service manual,
exhaust valves,
one was good, the other, left ( opposite the start key side ) was at about 025, and so updated at 020.
After ignition, engine is started immediately,
and quite quieter than before
I haven't tried to drive yet,
should it run a little better,,
having intake valves that should go down a little more,
right ?
Thanks to all

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thanks zed,
a doubt that remains to me,
yes, engine sounds better,
and even power is better,
I notice that after changing gears,
motor responds better than before.
Now the question,
being that the valves,
with time,
tend to go into their seats,
because their thickness decreases,
then, the valve clearance,
be adjusted even lower?
I am tempted to bring space
inlet valves,
engine should run like when new I suppose.
Right ?
(Or, this reasoning has already been done by mum honda,
and therefore remains 015)

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Cuda, I believe setting valves to the factory specs is best, setting valves with too little clearance can cause valve burning, that is why the factory recommends periodic checking of the clearances.

Best Regards,

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