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New to the forum and own a 2008 700xx, bought new in March. My son came home with a loud clicking from valve area and reported that it also had a lose of power. With instructions from the service manual I ajusted the valves (they were lose) and put it back together. It sounded and ran perfect for about a half an hour when it started clicking in the every top area of the valve box, sounds like more of the timing chain area, and he said it again felt like it lost some power. Tore it down again and found the intake tapets out of spec although everything was tight and I double checked everything during the time I set the clearance before. The exhaust were out as well and I noticed that the head of the tapets were not fitting flush to the top of the valve. The intake tapets are very noticeable, the clearance is in the shape of a wedge, pinching toward the center of the head. The plug is black and the top of the piston is black with what appears to be carbon deposits on it. Is it possible to have bad tapets? The clicking noise has me worried but may not be anything to loose sleep over. I use Honda oil and changed it regularly. This thing runs hotter than a two dollar pistol, I don't care for that. Any comments or suggestions would be very much appreciated. THANKS!
I just checked the intake clearance and it was a little more than 0.20mm and the exhaust stayed at 0.20mm this time.
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