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Vapor computers

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Has anybody done a review on the Vapor computer or does anybody have one.

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Check the reviews at Rocky Mountain ATV - many people unhappy with how well they hold up there. I personally do not have experience with them but a few members do.

Can you please give me some more links to sites that sell quality stuff for the 700xx.
I am a complete newbee for quads.
I've always had street bikes.
Sure, what are you looking to get 1st?


not sure.
What do you suggest for the first upgrade for the 700xx.
Nothing for power right now, I want to break it in first.
What do you recommend for a break in period?
Maybe some skid plates.
What kind of riding do you do? Sand? Trail? Mud?

sand and trail.
paddles will have to wait for about a month.
I will start out on trails for the break in period.
I have to find some more places to go locally.

I would suggest a 13 tooth sprocket 1st. The 700xx and the 450r share the same front sprocket and are interchangeable. If you stick with the 14 you'll be feathering the throttle and clutch on the more technical trails. I'm used to it now, but I still want one.

I bought (in order) so far:

Air Filter.
Paddle tires.
Programmer. (that way when I get my muffler it's not the uber chunk 'o money.

Rocky Mountain ATV is who I would suggest 1st for your sprocket and other items. There's a lot of stuff on eBay but being up to some idiot who doesn't ship on time's mercy bugs me.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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