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Has anyone else happened to notice that there seems to be a renewed intrest in the vinyl records and record players of days gone by? I first noticed this a couple months ago as a few facebook friends updated their status with, "listening to _______ on vinyl" or other similar comments. I kind of wrote it off as just some "hipsters," if you will, who happened to have come across their Father's old record player or something while home for the summer. Then other day I went into Best Buy to buy a couple new laptops, and found, to my delight, that they now have a whole new section dedicated to vinyl!!!! All on new vinyl, everything from remastered Zepplin to the newest Eminem album (It's kind of nice to properly use the word "album". And not using it to reference a compact disc.)!!! I found this to be pretty cool so i grabed "Dark Side of The Moon" (Feels kind of cliche to say that I bought DSTM, "of course he bought DSTM..." however I'm a HUGE Pink Floyd fan and headed home to find myself a high quality platform on which to thouroghly enjoy said album. So if anyone has any suggestions they will all be considered and appreciated!!! Thanks for your time!!!!!!!!
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