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Voiding your Warranty

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How many of you all have bought the extended warranty?

I did and am concerned that once I start modding it I'll be blowing the money I spent on that if I do need to make a claim.

I have heard that if the dealer installs the items that you're covered, but that was with another quad and in a different forum. With that said though, I doubt I will have to use the warranty as I generally ride conservatively.


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I have seen Raptor owners get a refund on their extended warranties by requesting it before it goes into effect.
i bought mine with an extended warrenty, and i was told that bolts ons are covered, i could install my own exhaust and intake but the power commander should be installed by honda so they can dyno tune it for me. if you go inside the motor then if honda installs it or not its not covered on your warrenty cause technically the motor wasn't built for that but we all know its a honda and its built for the best. if you went with long travel suspension i would imagine its voids and susepnsion warrenty issue cause they did not build it. just my o2
That's what I was thinking too, I just didn't want to wipe my ass with the extended warranty once I put a muffler on.


When I purchased the bike I was told the same, Exhaust, filter and programmer were covered as long as the programmer was installed by dealer.

Paying the dealer to do something like that irks me.

Just ads to the cost...

Just save the stock exhaust and put it back on if something goes wrong. :D
Thats the reason I never even considered any warranty with mine. Mine was apart in 2 months or so lol.
Yeah, but I figure 1st model run and all that. Plus, I *hate* fixing stuff.

Just save the stock exhaust and put it back on if something goes wrong. :D

That's what I'm doing!
I work at a dealership and we will warranty it with all the bolts on and you can do the programmer yourself and a cam is even fine, but a high comp piston and a different crank cant be under warranty becuse honda calls the parts back to see what went wrong in their manufacturing. I mean they call back everything, even the gaskets sometimes!!
Thanks for posting...good to know.

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