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I have 1 for sale. I am asking $4000 but it has only been used for 2 rides, about 6-7 hours. Black and Grey 2008. Extended warranty. PRM bumper, Dual Gasser Throttle, Uni Filter, DS 450 Shock Swap, L8Ton Sway Bar, Rear Rack, 13 Tooth Front Sprocket, Alba Nerf Bars, Alba Steering Stabilizer (new not installed), probably missed something but obviosly I am a Hop Up Junkie. I like the Quad but with 2 kids, Chopper, 2 Boats there is no time for it all...I also have a buddy that bought one at the same time with no mods. He wants $3800 for his. Just south of Annapolis if you are still looking....
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