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Hi Everyone,

I had a pretty bad spill last winter that wiped out the entire right side of my front end. I'm looking for the following 700xx replacement parts and was hoping someone had some used stuff laying around:

- Front right side upper A-arm
- Front right side lower A-arm
- Right side tie-rod
- Front shock - stock single, used elka pair, or DS450 pair
- Front rim/tire

If you have any of the above please let me know how much $$ and when you could ship to Massachusetts.



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Ouch ! If you are struggling on parts and the US members can't help you out then in 7 days send me a pm of what you need and I'll see what I can do to help out. :D

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I have a pair of front shocks (stock) I use Elka now.
And a pair of front rims (ITP T-9 Pro) I use DWT now.

Will only sell as pairs...

Shocks = $60.00 plus shipping cost
Rims = $50.00 plus shipping cost

Terms... Send payment after parts arrive to you.

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