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So I am very upset with how Honda and the dealer work our warranty out. I took the bike to the shop. They looked at it and said that Honda does not warranty out any radiator claims. I replaced it myself and called HONDA. They said that I have to work it out with the dealership and the dealership should have called them regarding this issue. So I explained that the dealership advised me that I would have to pay for them to replace it and they were no longer willing to try to warranty it out. However Honda will not accept any pics or the old radiator to inspect and see if they agree its defective. SO basically there dealer doesn't have to do cr*p and can force you to pay for the repair. Honda even said they don't have a retail license so can not deal with a customer.

I had a issue on an old Yamaha, the dealer wouldn't warranty out a part because they said it was my fault and not defective. I mailed the part directly to yahmahha and after they tested it they advised it was due to a bad batch of parts they had recieved and paid the claim directly to me.

I guess Honda doesn't care to ensure there dealers are doing there jobs properly.
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