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Waterloo IA, Oct 26

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My riding club is hosting a fun ride at the ATV park in Waterloo IA on Oct 26...noon to 3. If you're in the area feel free to stop by, have some fun with other off-road riders.
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What kind of riding? I may be interested.

The ATV park has trails and to ATVs and bikes. They also have a youth track right by the parking with small jumps, the other is just a small circle track with no jumps so it's a great place to work with the kids. Its right off 218...Look for the O'Reily Autoparts, turn there and cross the railroad tracks...follow the signs.
How many acres of land do they have in Waterloo and how good are the trails? I'm in Omaha and I have a short trip to Council Bluffs for some trails but it is nothing great. Also, I can go to Halsey National Park but that is about 4 hours west, which is about the same as Waterloo.
Waterloo isn't that big but they do maintain it well. Probably the best in Iowa right now is Bluff Creek.
I was just in Council Bluffs for the first time. It is nicer than I expected. They have a little track with some nice jumps on it. Met some nice people and had a blast down there.
Bluff Creek has several large tracks, tons of trails and all you want when it comes to hill climbs. It's an old strip mine.
Hmm... 3-1/2 hrs away. Not close enough for too many quick trips, but definitely close enough I'll probably have to make a trip out there someday.
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