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What do you ride currently?

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I ride a 2005 450R but will defintely be adding a 700XX to my garage next year!

Just have to convince the wife now! :D

What does everyone else ride?
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06' 450R, 89' 250R. Soon to be 08' 700XX owner.

Life is grand. :D
full drag 2005 trx450r

getting a trx700xx soon for trail riding.

Go Honda!
you've got another honda 450R rider here.
looks like were all 450r riders :)

honda ownz joo.
2005 Polaris 800 EFI

Also a retired 400ex rider. Couldn't handle the long trail rides anymore with the SRA. Was a blast though. Plus I got sick always picking my lines due to the ground clearance and wrecking my disc brakes and rear skid plate.

Now that they have best of both worlds in one machine....oh yeh :) bring it on.
welcome to the club!!
i hear ya about the SRA, should be pleasant change!

get here already 700xx !!! :D
03' Raptor.

I've been waiting for a machine like this! The Outlaw has the right idea, just not a great product. My buddy has one (an 06'), and I have to say it is a great ride on the trail. Just underpowered and crappy rear end. I was actually thinking about buying a ute for the trails, but I didn't want to give up the speed. Thought about the Renegade too, but it's too big and heavy. Was hoping that Yamaha would make an IRS version on the Raptor, but then along came this Honda! Good timing, I've been chomping at the bit for about 2 years looking for just this kind of machine. Hopefully it lives up to the hype!
My rides.

2005 KFX 700ish.
2005 400ex (ysw's girlfriends ride)
ysw's girlfriend. :twisted:
dartbrandx said:
My rides.
ysw's girlfriend. :twisted:
wouldn't that also be his older sister.....better watch it, she's 15 :lol:
KFX 700, KTM 250, 300, 360 EXC's and KTM 640 Adventure.

For PSW (YSR)... Here are the pictures of each... YSR, where are your pictures? :roll:

KFX 700...
KTM 250 EXC...
KTM 300 EXC...
KTM 360 EXC...
KTM 640 Adventure...
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Please keep the rude comments in the Competition forum only guys. And even then, please keep it to a tollerable level. Thanks. :)
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