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What is your dealer telling you?

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What is your dealer telling you for delivery date? One place told me not til May! I need to find a new dealer.
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My dealer said April 08'.

Its coming closer! :)
Now I've got another dealer about 80 miles away saying that they will have them "soon". I asked him if they were expecting them before April and he said "definitely". He would not give me a date, but now I'm really getting worked up about it. Maybe they'll release them right after the dealer show, which is in February from what I understand. I'll keep you all posted.
All he would give me was "soon". WTH does that mean? Soon to me would be within the next month..Might have to get the Rappy ready for sale before I thought!!
before april would be so nice.
Today I got 3 different answers from 3 different dealers. The one in town is mid April, the one about 30 miles away told me June 13th!! The biggest dealer (about 80 miles away)is the one that says he doesn't have a date, but told me they are definitely going to be here before April. I don't give a crap who I get it from, just whoever gets one first! I'm crossing my fingers for early March!
I was told April Also. They did not say if it was early, mid or late. I just cant wait to see in on Feb the 16th at the Dealer Expo. I have the dealer's first one reserved.
Stopped in at the dealer yesterday. Put my deposit down on my Black/Silver XX!! He told me that they are showing April 16th, and I'll get the first one! I hope they come early, that's still 3 more months!!
black & silver.....oh boy...thats awesome. The day is coming closer guys!
XC_XX said:
I was just told March 20th.
Damn!! I'm jealous!! Where do you live?
yea really where do you live?? :lol: :lol:

March 20 wow thats like a month away!
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