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When is the XX going to get here??

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Has ANYONE heard about when the XX will actually hit the dealership floor? It's gotten awfully quiet out there. One source has said that his dealer was expecting them anytime between April 21st-28th. Another says that his has been pushed back into May. My dealer said the 11th, now they won't even return my messages. I don't think anyone actually knows unless they work for Honda!!
Does anyone have any real info?
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my deAler has ONE now but wont ge tmore until mid may.
To those of you who haven't read "The Competition" and the lies YSW has been posting. He claims to have ridden one already...yeah right...Claimed his dealer has one when no other dealer in the US can get one... YSW posted false pictures of a friend of ours on a V-Force claiming it to be him. He claimed he was married yet plays HS football. The list of lies he has posted has been long and when called out on it he whines and cries. Take the words he writes as the total BS that it is.
your a real idiot. please show me where i said i play HS football. If you can find the post ill send you $100.

learn to read *******, i never said it. I said i play FOOTBALL, which i do. your such a dumb *******.
Notice out of that entire post from KTM the only thing that he could dispute is the HS football. That was just a little speculation on KTM's part based on PSW's limitless immaturity.

Page 73 in the Competition PSW was caught in the lie he posted above. His dealer does NOT have one yet. xx will be delivered to me today. The dealer is 90 miles away, so I did the paperwork Saturday and they offered to deliver it. Unfortunately, I won't get to ride it until Saturday. But it will be here today!!
Great news XX! Let us know your first impressions of it visually and get some pics if you can!

Congratualtions! :)
I picked her up last night. Got the black and silver combo. I forgot how bad ass these things looked in person. I can't remeber a machine that looks that much "different" in person that in pictures, but this thing really does. I showed it to a couple of friends and they were just amazed with its' workmanship. I took her out to my buddies house, he has a small field behind his house, so I at least got to feel it out a little. It definitely sounds corked up when it's at idle speed, but when you get on the gas, you can her the ponies rumbling inside...AWESOME!! First gear is not tall at all as some had said, it feels just right, as did second. The front end will come up whenever you want it to. It has plenty of power, it doesn't feel mellow at all to me like QUAD had said. I was able to get it into third gear, but couldn't stretch it out at all, so I can't tell you how she pulls through the power curve yet. The XX is very, very comfortable, your knees tuck in against the front of the seat, it feels real nice. I took some corners pretty fast, you defintely can't ride it like a machine with a solid axle, but I wasn't expecting it too. I took a wide sweeping corner in third gear and hammered the it to powerslide real nice, but it's a different sensation that what I'm used to. The ass end is constantly clawing at the dirt to get traction and you stay planted on the feels really cool.

Bottom far from what i have seen, I am VERY pleased with it. I'll be giving her the full test this weekend out on the mountain trails, so I'll have a much more detailed review after that. I think it is going to be a great quad, especially on the trail. I'll take some pics tomorrow before I take her out, cuz' she'll never look that good again. The plastic has the metallic in it, so when the sun hits it it looks very cool. I'm sure that will be gone by Sunday!
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so can we admit that ysw was right now????


see i told you you would love it and that first gear wasnt tall. its a great machine i cant wait to get mine now.
I can admit that will be a good machine, not that you were right. I still don't believe that you rode one on the 11th of April, because to my knowledge, no one had one ANYWHERE. If you would have come up with a dealer name and location, you would have gained a lot of credibility, not to mention placed a little egg on a lot of people's faces. But you didn't. I'm not going to get into this anymore, cuz' then this thread will get hijacked and turn into 80 pages of a fight between you and the V-force guys. Now that the XX is finally here , I hope we have something else to focus on. So let it die please! All of you!!
XX-rated have you had a chance to open it up yet? I'm wondering if they made sprocket changes them selves. They must have been doing something that caused the delay. I'm wondering if the released version still has something like the 75-80mph top speed that the testers were talking about? Not that it really matters, having a 75 or 80mph top speed is of no use in the woods anyway. I'm just curious to see if they made any changes from the testers version.
No, I haven't got to open her up yet. I'm leaving tomorrow for a weekend ride in the Umatilla Forest in NE Oregon. I'll have a lot more info for you after this weekend.
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