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Where to ride in the SOUTH?!?

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I've been looking on other atv forums and its all mostly 4x4s where are the TEXAS/LOUSIANA guys riding?
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The group I ride with in Louisiana ride trails at Kisatchie National Forest. They have several locations including: Forest Hill in Forest Hill LA (just south of Alexandria on I-49), Camp Livingston which is in Balle LA (just east of Alexandria), and recently we have ridden at Cravens (which is the farthest west, since you also mentioned Texas... this is the closest to south east Texas. I'll include a link to the Kisatchie ORV website. The trails are limited to bikes no wider than 50", they have a strict no mud tires policy and you must have spark arrestor. They also do not allow you to ride off of the trails. But they have over about 75 miles of trails at each location except Camp Livingston which only has about 40ish. They do not give warnings either.

If we are wanting to hill climb and play in sand we travel just into south Mississippi to Wiggens MS. It's just north of Picayune. It's at least a 2.5 hour ride from Baton Rouge however. I'll include a website to there as well.

If you want to play in mud then just North of Hammond LA is Towertrax. We went just the other day on our 4x4s and I think I would have been VERY miserable had I been on my XX. But they do have 2700 acres so it's worth mentioning. Make sure you have someone with a winch if you go!
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