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What rear rims are you using that have a 3:5 offset? I have not seen any rims in that offset for the 700XX.

Anyway, if you did use a 3:5 rear rim, you would be 6" wider overall in the rear. The stock 11" rear wheels are about a 5:2 offset. So, if you use a 3:2 offset front, you will only be about 1" wider from stock in the front. I think Douglas wheel makes a 2:4 offset front wheel, so with that you should be about 5" wider in the front. (Stock front wheels are a 4:1.5 offset.)

With that being said, with the above wheels, your 700XX will be around 53 to 54" wide. Not really sure how that would handle.

Almost forgot. The first number of the offset is the inside measurement, while the second is the outside. So 3:2 wheels will make your quad 2" wider overall then 4:1 wheels.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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