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Why is it that STUPID people drive Smart cars?... OR, the worst drivers are always in an Audi, Lexus, Volvo, BMW, or other high priced car? I think that drivers should have to pass an IQ test to get a license. Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to drive any car in any state.

Wow roadkill. that has to be one of the most stupid statements i have read in a while.
If you were to ever drive a audi, bmw or mercedes you would understand why people buy them.
The build and ride quality,safety,handling, power and economy are a few of the reasons why.
I drive a mercedes and after owning one would not buy anything else.
So that makes me stupid?
Lol rappey you didn't do yourself any favors not looking stupid, by completely miss reading what he wrote lol. :nuts:
He isn't calling people stupid for driving those cars. he is saying that for some reason all the stupid people that don't know how to drive tend to be driving really nice/expensive cars.

not hatin, just givin u shit bro. :lol:
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