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WV Riding?

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My girlfriend and her parents are planning a trip down to WV and they wanna do some riding but I was wondering where a good place to ride is. I was looking at the Hatfeild-McCoy trail system mainly the Rockhouse part. They are beginner riders so I need something that is mosty easy but has some more difficult parts in it. Some feedback would be great. Thanks.
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We go to W.V. Hatfield McCoy trails. The trails and scenery are beautiful. We stay in the town of Man and ride to Gilbert. It is legal to ride anywhere in town, once you park your truck you wont need it till you leave. The trails are marked well and it is okay for beginners as long as you stay on the green trails. We stay at the Rockhouse lodge, always really clean. Another area that is new ,but looks nice is Burning Rock atv park. I am going to try it next year. Here are a few links.
The trails are great. We spent a week there in September and rode every trailhead but 1 (it is almost 2 hours from Rockhouse and BearWallow trailheads. Trails range from easy to difficult so beginners would do okay IMO. I would recommend the trip, we will be back next year but later in the year. It was a dustbowl when we were there.
We found a nice place to stay but I have a few questions for you guys that have been there. Can I ride there with my two bros pipe? The only thing I saw said the muffler had to be operational and had to have a spark arrestor, which it has. Didnt say anything about a db level that I saw. Can you get a trail permit there or should I just order it on the Hatfield-McCoy site? How long is the permit good for? Any other things I should know about riding there?
Yeah, no worries about your pipe. A lot of aftermarket pipes, remember your in WV, just kidding. You can buy passes anywhere there, we always wait till we are there to get them. I heard they changed the passes last year. You can only buy a yearly pass now and i think it is around $50 for the year, out of state riders anyway. Actually thats the reason we didnt go down this year because we only make it once a year to WV and that is a lot for 3 quads for one trip. We went to Evarts KY instead, but WV is a great place to ride.
Thanks for the info guys.
Take lots of pics!

When I went to Wind Rock in TN they had day passes and season passes, but you could get a pass that was good for several days. (it was a sticker with holes punched-out for the days you paid for)

If you ever get back into Tennessee again there are two other great places to ride within one hour of Windrock, Ride Royal Blue (approx 176,000 acres of marked and unmarked trails, and Brimstone 9APPROX 44,000 acres of marked trails let me know and we'll meet you up there.
I have some buddies who might be headed out there around Spring Break, I'll have to tell them about that...they'll love it.

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