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Yamaha Rhino....

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Has anybody here heard about the law suits against the Yamaha Rhino???
Seems people have been getting hurt on them....Surprise, surprise...
What a #@&*^$-up world we live in !!!!
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yea, it's so ridiculous. Here we go again, just like with 3 wheelers. They're riding an off-road vehicle and are surprised that it can flip over. :steamed:
tis why honda was late in the game with the big red ..and why they made that monster so wide ... because of all the lawsuits against the other utility vehicle manufacturers.

i dont really get it though ... its like smoking and filing suit against tobacco companies because you have lung cancer.

its not like the atv manufacturers have hidden the notion that skinny, tall, and top-heavy machines are likely to roll over ... Americans have turned into Europeans ... panzy asses that expect someone else to be responsible for their idiotic actions.
It's just plain dumb. The people bringing lawsuits no doubt are new to offroading. They think they should be just as safe as if they were in their cars. It's OFF ROAD. There's ruts, rocks, stumps......anything that can cause you to lose control. These things have KNOBBY tires that grip and dig's not like a car where you're on a smooth, flat surface with smooth tires.
Well I'm glad to see I'm not the only one here who feels this way...
But I have a question...

How come nobody has ever sued for dirt bike injuries???
I don't know about you guys, but those animals have thrown me on the ground and stomped a mud hole in my ass more than any toy I've ever owned...
Maybe it is because you don't see many fat, drunk people on dirt bikes??? Side-by-side and other utility four wheelers that come stock with cooler racks and auto trans seem to attract these people
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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