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Yet another new guy

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Hey everyone,

Just sayin hello from Las Vegas....where this quad really shines.
Miles of desert and alot of rocks...plenty of space to tear up.

Had the quad for about two months CRF450R is starting to get jealous.
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Congrats on the purchase and Welcome to the site

but yah when the Quad was not even a week old and i got a Powercommander 3 and HMF pipe woke the bike up for sure.
No airfilter?
I can't wait to get my pipe......


Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it! :tup:
No airfilter?
Not yet....just took off the top of the air box.

But from what i can tell its still a little lean...with the generic slip-on powercommander Map.

So now that im here i can get some info on what works best and maybe share some Tuning tips.
Hellllloooooo Biffman!
Hello Biffman,
Nice to see somebody from Vegas in here.
I am new to quads, been out on it twice, first at Apex and today in Bolder.
where do you ride?
i live on the northwest so i ride mostly around this area.

Mount charleston has some nice trails and even better scenery.

the west end of Ann road there is a trail out there that can take you around Red Rock or Charelston.

In a few week going to plan a trip to logandale also.

i used to ride around Apex, but it gets crowded. my buddies that ride SRA quads tell me its also too rocky for like what rocks..haha.

But nice meeting will be a great quad to learn on IMO if you take it slow at first. You havent learned habits from previous quads so your starting fresh. My first day out taught me that...and after a few rides learned to ride it right
check out sand mtn nevada
Never been....but yah its far for would need to be one of those 3 day weekend trips.
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