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Is there a demand for the TRX700XX?

So last Tuesday I get home from work and had a message on my answering machine. Two of the Honda shops in Vegas are part of a large chain, the message was from one of those stores and I bought my first 700XX there brand new back in 2009. Basically, the message was inquiring if I still had the 700XX I bought from them and if I did still have it, would I be willing to sell it. (I didn't return the call as I have no interest in selling.) Figure for them to call and inquire about buying back a quad that I bought 3 years ago, there must be quite a few inquires by people ready to buy a 700XX.

So what is everyone's local dealers saying about the 700XX? Does anyone know of any dealers that still have new ones on the floor? I know over a year ago, before I bought my second one used, I stopped by the local dealer and they said they don't have any and can't get any, Honda has no more. I am guessing that by now all the new ones are gone, so if you want one, used is your only option.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar or has any info about future production of the 700XX. Hopefully Honda will start selling them again.


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