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450R Racing

Hi guys and gals. I know I haven't been floating around here that much. As some of you know, I got a new 2012 450R, same color combo as Matlock, haha. So I am definately fast now. I entered a hare scramble back in July, and barely completed one lap. I am so far out of shape and practice (guess that's what happens when you fly for your job over a million miles a year). The worst part was, I never changed out the thumb throttle to a twist on it, and that is what made me stop racing. I just couldn't squeeze it anymore. Anyway, I still got 14th out of 18, due to some other people breaking down.

So anyway, I finally got a twist throttle on it after about a month. I am running 22" RZR2's, instead of 20"s like most XC guys. But I got hyper rims, pro armor nerfs, PRM front and rear bumbers and skids. Plus 2 stem, HRC hop up kit w/ FMF exhaust. So she is all raring to go, besides suspension of course.

With everything now on there, I entered another race in August, after I have been riding atleast 4 times a week to get myself back in shape. I entered the A class as all my buddies said I was way better than B's, due to past experience. Needless to say, this race made me feel right at home. It was a beautifully rainy day with mud everywhere. The pro guys were there, this wasn't a GNCC sanctioned event, they just had the weekend off so the owners of the track offered bigger pay outs, so a lot of pro's came.

Here I am sitting in the third row, just waiting. Adrenaline pumping and all. Just had to do well after my embarrassing DNF. Green flag goes and first corner is to the left up a knarly hill that is slick with mud. Brand new 22"s gets me right up no problem, I am in 2nd. People apparently got stuck on one side of the hill. I am trailing the leader for a good 3 miles with out any hang ups, and we are catching up to some of the other A guys not in our class, and one gets stuck right in some roots and causes a 10+ quad pile up. Finally get around him after getting passed by several riders that found dryer ground back a ways. Seemed like after that everyone was getting stuck, but I had a slight advantage wit an inch more ground clearance.

Come thru the check point and it says I was 3rd in the class, 17th over all. I was so excited, first time of real competitive racing in over 4 years, and after gaining 60 lbs. Same thing second lap, people getting stuck, having to go around. Fans out there helping out. Coming up just before the finish I stop on top of a knoll where friends are to top off on fuel and goggle exchange/water break. Head thru the check point and now I am 2nd, 24th over all. Still feeling pretty good, getting close to winning my class. This is the last lap. Cant wait.

I get about 7 miles into the lap and my belly just starts hurting. I am thinking to myself, "Man, I must really be hungry!" Nope, two turns later and I almost crap my pants. Literally. I slam on the breaks and jump off the quad, letting the tether kill it. Yank my helmet off and chest protector. I then realized my hands were all mud, so yank my gloves off and try to get the tape off my pants that I put around the waist. Finally get it off and slide my pants down. By the time they are to my thighs, and I just started painting a tree. I mean litereally, it was like a pressure washer shooting back there. After a few mins of this torture, I felt like I was done. "What am I going to use to wipe?" Think about my undies, but too much of a hassle to get my boots off and pants to get them, so I decide on my under shirt. I take it off and rip it in 2, because a poop like this you just know it has a twin. I wipe, put on all my gear, and head back to the quad. Get going and about 2 minutes later have to go again. AHHH, it was a night mare.

Finally get back to racing. I have lost 15-20 minutes here. I am dying, and I am ticked off. Come around a corner onto a pile up, as I am passing them on the lower side I see on of the track personell pointing. I look back and see the number 1 plate of Chris Borich right behind me, as in he is getting ready to lap me. As I am trying to pull off to the right to let him by (that's what we do here, if they aren't in your class and are clearly faster than you, you let them by easily if possible), I put to the left and as he is going to pass we hit some slick spot and his front bumper gets wedged between my rear left tire and my rear bumper. He gets off his machine and pulls it out and I apologize. He says "no problem bud, it happens!" I get on a flat spot about 100 yards up and pull over so he passes.

Four more miles and I finally hit the checkered flag. I am exhausted, and literally pooped out. I took 11th in my class and 41st over all. Not to bad for having a class with 34 riders in it. But after looking at the times, if I was consistent with the first few laps, I would of won my class and got about 14th overall. But the poop cost me 19 minutes. AHHH.

As we were waiting in the trophy room, I walked up to Chris, only meeting him a few times before, and said I haven't met someone so good, that was so polite. Most guys I've raced in a position like him (he is number 1 in the country for GNCC) get super pissed when something like that happens. He was just as chill as chill could be.

That was the last race of the summer series I did. Didn't want to poop in anymore races. Nah, just had too much going on. The 450 is running great. May do some winter series, but more focusing on my new job, hunting/fishing, some snowmobiling, more than racing for the winter. But have been riding almost twice a week every week on a small course we have set up in the woods, and may splurge on some new suspension so next season I can be really competitive.


2008 700xx; Power Bomb header with power core 4 exhaust, Power Programmer III, pro armor nerfs, prm products control front and rear bumpers and full skid, 10" ITP rears, ITP Baja's fronts, RZR 2's all the way around, Uni filter, 13t sprocket, CCP steering Damper, DS450 shock swap, Dual Gasser Throttle, bar risers and Moose barkBusters. 730XX kit plus other engine mods!
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